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Terri Walker

A Successful Life is Living a Life Making a Difference.

When my mom was in the hospital, I saw that quote and it moved me immensely.  I am a Comptroller by trade, but have always wanted to do more in life and be a part of something bigger.  I wanted to impact the lives of the people I met.  And I knew that through the products and services of Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers I could make a difference in my life and the lives of others. I was so happy with my success, the products, and how I was treated, that I decided to acquire a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers myself in July 2014.  Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers gives me the opportunity to change a life – one client at a time.  And it has changed my life physically, emotionally and financially.  

Pam Callahan

An affordable, successful and rewarding opportunity!

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers is the most affordable, successful and rewarding opportunity that I could have imagined! This business has provided me with financial security while allowing me the flexibility I need to spend time with my son. I enjoy working with a proven business system that does not have all the risks associated with starting your own business from scratch.

Karen Stillwell

Helping others improve their health and self image is truly fulfilling.

Over 35 years ago I was a young nurse looking for office hours and a healthy, happy environment in which I could continue to help people.  Starting as the nurse and office manager in a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers, I quickly grew to love helping clients become healthy and happy again with their new bodies!  After a few years I became a franchisee with the company. The program and products, along with the structured protocol, have given me the tools to help thousands feel good about themselves once again. The flexibility of being self employed also allowed me to be there for my children as they were growing ... and now for my parents and grandchildren.  Helping others improve their health and self image is truly fulfilling.  I love what I do!

Judy Spencer

I believed in the program and the rewards have followed!

Before owning my own Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers, I first was an employee. I was able to see the success of the operation as a center manager, but I wanted to have a stronger investment in the success!

Upon viewing competitive franchises, I was convinced that Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers provided a proven operating system and had the experience, knowledge, and professional support to help people like me succeed in business. I became a franchisee in 1990. I believed in the program, and the rewards have followed as my business continues to grow!

I enjoy helping others improve the way they look an feel.

I had worked in the Health & Well Being Industry in England since 1999 and have always enjoyed helping others improve the way they look and feel. When I decided to move to the US and purchase a franchise, I wanted one that was a leader in this particular industry with years of experience to back up their philopsophy of positive lifestyle changes. Physcians WEIGHT LOSS Centers made it very easy for me to set up a succcessful center with trainning and ongoing support provided for me. At five years, I am still enjoying owning a business that makes a positive difference in the community.

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