An Affordable Investment

The initial franchise fee is only $26,000 and enables us to provide you with your license agreement, extensive training, grand opening assistance, demographic studies, promotions and more.

The chart below indicates an initial investment range to open a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® franchise. These estimates are approximate and may vary based on advertising rates, geographic location, labor costs, office space rates, leasehold improvement costs and other factors.

Description of ExpensesApprox. LowApprox. High
Franchise Fee$26,000$26,000
ShopKeep POS System$1,600$2,800
Furniture, Signs & Supplies$24,743$30,057
Opening Inventory$10,000$12,000
Opening Advertising$7,000$10,000
Travel & Living Expenses$2,500$4,000
Real Estate Deposits & Improvements$9,000$18,000
Miscellaneous (Attorney, Accountant, Licenses, Permits)$2,500$4,000
Additional Funds$3,500$10,000
LipoGenics Laser Body Contouring System      -$32,000
Total Estimated Costs$95,643$158,857

Now that you’ve seen the numbers, take a look at our franchise process.

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